Get Your Wings with DGCA Ground Classes for CPL

If you’re looking to become a commercial pilot, you’ve come to the right place. Ground Classes for CPL are a vital part of the training process, providing students with the theoretical knowledge needed to become a successful pilot. Enrolling in our DGCA ground classes in Delhi, India can help you achieve your dream of flying high.

An experienced and wise pilot understands that a strong foundation on the ground is essential for a smooth takeoff. Therefore, it is crucial for pilots to exercise prudence and enroll in Pilot Ground School. It is wise to complete the necessary exams and studies before progressing to flying. Choosing the right pilot training program is a critical decision, and it is often said that a pilot’s knowledge of ground subjects defines their proficiency, requiring dedication and focus.

When seeking advice from experienced pilots, most will recommend completing ground studies before commencing flying training. 

dgca ground classes in aviation sierra

Duration for DGCA CPL Ground Classes

ASA provides extra hours or days if needed by the student. ASA has the sole purpose of making the student clear the exam in first attempt.


CoursesDuration (hours) Approx.
Air Navigation120
Aviation Meteorology70
Air Regulations70
Technical General120

Subjects & Syllabus in CPL Ground Classes

Here you can find the syllabus for the DGCA examination required to obtain a Commercial Pilot’s License.

Air Navigation

This subject trains the process of accurately ascertaining one's position, planning, and following a route accurately to reach the preferred destination. These classes also involve directing the pilots about security measures during the journey

Aviation Meteorology

This subject covers many interrelated subjects and engineering topics. These include ground-based operations related to adverse effects of frost, ice, snow, and visibility on aircraft performance and in-flight icing and turbulence. This explores the overall difficulties that a pilot can face in the future.

Air Regulation

This subject is mandatory to clear for issuing the DGCA Commercial Pilot License. This course keeps up-to-date and explores the regulatory landscape of the Aviation Industry.

Radio Telephony

This subject aims to provide Airside Safety Operators with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to effectively apply standard radio communication procedures/phraseology and adhere to airside markings/signage following national and international standards.

Technical General/Specific

Technical is a vast subject and one of the most challenging theory parts of Pilot Training. To simplify the learning process, we have divided it into smaller chunks – Airframes and Systems, Principles of Flight, AC, DC, and Radio Propagation.

DGCA Eligibility for CPL

Course Description

Stage 1: Registration & Enrollment

The registration process will be considered complete once the fees are deposited.

Stage 2: Ground School Theory

Experienced instructors, dedicated to their respective subjects, will conduct the ground school. In this school, you will gain knowledge on flight instruments, flight controls and their effects, navigation concepts, meteorological visualization, and more through training sessions on our advanced ALSIM 250 FNPT II simulator. This will allow you to visualize how the knowledge you acquire during the ground school can be applied in practice. Regular tests based on the subject matter will be conducted during the classes. These tests will evaluate your understanding of the material and familiarize you with the typical question-answer options that you could expect on your DGCA exam. Attendance during the ground school is mandatory to ensure that you keep up with the progress of your knowledge. Our interactive classrooms require students to work in groups and complete assignments. This highly effective form of learning will boost your confidence.

Stage 3: DGCA Examination

Our approach to teaching is not limited to helping students pass their DGCA exams in first attempt, but rather equipping them with the ability to teach others.

Commercial Pilot Training Locations

South Africa

South Africa







CPL Conversion Guide

CPL Conversion Guide

Why Aviation Sierra for DGCA CPL Ground Classes

What We Provide in CPL Ground Classes?

  • Aviation Sierra Academy (ASA) is a premier airline training institution in India for individuals seeking to begin a career in aviation. Our exceptional instructors provide high-quality training and guide you through all stages of the course in the classroom.
  • Our objective is to help you pass your DGCA exams on your first attempt by providing the best DGCA Ground Classes in India.
  • Our team of expertly trained and dedicated professionals work hard to ensure that our courses offer a learning environment and curriculum that surpasses the expectations of all our students, regardless of whether they are airline cadets or CPL holder students. We have a wide range of courses available to suit your needs.
  • Our dedicated and experienced instructors with years of experience in aviation, has designed the perfect Launchpad course.
  • Specially designed CPL Ground Classes are available for candidates without flying experience in small batches.
  • Creating a vibrant community around our students is our prime responsibility, so they can enjoy their time at the Academy and make the most of every minute.
  • Our trainers not only focus on imparting knowledge but also on building skills and attitude, including all phases of ground training, to fulfill the dreams of aspiring airline pilots.
  • We offer Commercial Pilot Training preparation courses for CPL, Type Rating and ATPL, with the goal of creating well-trained pilots.
  • Aviation Sierra Academy (ASA) is committed to providing world-class training facilities for future commercial pilots, with DGCA ground classes in small batches to ensure each student receives proper attention.
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FAQ’s About DGCA CPL Ground Classes

In all there are five papers to be passed to enable a candidate to apply for issue of CPL Air Navigation, Air Regulation, Meteorology, General and RTR. The first 4 exams are conducted by DGCA and the 5th exam by WPC, Ministry of Communication.

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