Commercial Pilot Training

Commercial Pilot Training

CPL Training: Transform Your Dreams Into Reality

Aviation Sierra Academy is a ONE STOP institute that takes a fresher and trains them to become an airline pilot, holding their hand and giving 100% support at all stages. We take pride in providing the total actual cost with no hidden charges. At Aviation Sierra Academy, we believe in providing quality education in the aviation field. We aim to produce highly skilled pilots who confidently tackle the aviation industry’s challenges. Our CPL training is designed to offer students a comprehensive training program that includes theoretical and practical training, providing them with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the field. Our Commercial Pilot License Training program prepares you to fly for commercial airlines, cargo carriers, and private charters.

What is a Commercial Pilot License?

Getting a CPL is the foundation or the basis for becoming a pilot. CPL is a license to fly any commercial plane, whether single-engine or multi-engine. But further training (type rating) is needed to fly specific aircraft like A320, Boeing 737, ATR, etc. Finally, ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License) is required to start working in an Airline to become a Pilot in Command (PIC).

A single-engine (S.E) and multi-engine (M.E) training is a type of pilot training that will allow you to fly an aircraft that works on one and more engine(s) only. It is a part of the Commercial Pilot License training.

India's aviation market is escalating to a higher state and reaching a new height globally. As per one of the reports of IBEF, it has become the third-largest domestic aviation market in the world and is expected to overtake the U.K. to become the third-largest air passenger market by 2024. Undoubtedly, the Indian aviation market is resilient and survived the difficult years of the pandemic.

CPL Requirements for an India Candidates

CPL Requirements for an Overseas Candidates

In addition to the above requirements for Indian cadets, overseas cadets would also require the following:-

Pre-visa assessment at the Indian Embassy

Pre-visa assessment at the Indian Embassy

Security clearance from the Ministry of Civil Aviation, India.

Security clearance from the Ministry of Civil Aviation, India.

Commercial Pilot Training Locations

South Africa

South Africa







CPL Conversion Guide

CPL Conversion Guide

Benefits of Becoming a Commercial Pilot

Best Salary in the Industry: Aviation is a rewarding career that offers tremendous monetary growth opportunities. Once you obtain this license and do Type Rating (T.R.), the starting salary is quite lucrative and will increase with time.

Become a pilot straight after 12th Grade: No graduation or post-graduation degree is required to apply for a commercial pilot. With the best instructors, pilots, and aviation experts, we at Aviation Sierra Academy make it easier to achieve the best knowledge and come out with flying colours.

Starting your career with Fastest-growing Industry: Aviation is one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide, especially in India. The demand for pilots is increasing daily, which will result in higher salaries.

Equal enumeration for women and men: This is a unique profession where everyone is treated equally with a pay structure. You will be able to enjoy the benefits equally.

A Lavish lifestyle: High salaries, free travel perks, free or reduced travel even after retirement, glamorous, and above all, the sky’s the limit for you.

How to Become Commercial Pilot

To obtain Commercial Pilot License in India, you must fulfill the eligibility criteria as set by the DGCA. Enlisted are the eligibility requirements to become a pilot after the 12th in India:

  • Your age should not be less than 17 years to begin training
  • You must have cleared 10+2
  • You must have cleared Physics and Math along with English Medium at the intermediate level
  • If you are a non-science student, you may pursue the required Physics and Math through the National Institute of Open Schooling
  • You will need a Class 2 and then Class 1 medical certificate issued by the required authorities.
  • Apply for DGCA computer number
  • Apply for DGCA CPL Exams of Air Navigation, Aviation Meteorology, and Air Regulations. In case doing CPL in non Commonwealth country like USA, RTR is also required. In case doing CPL in India, RTR and Technical General are also required.
  • Do flying training for CPL for about 8-12 months.
  • If CPL is done outside India, convert it to Indian CPL
  • Then do type Rating in your preferred type of aircraft, be it A32, B737, ATR, or any other type
  • Prepare and take the job entrance exam and interview with Airlines
  • After joining the airline and completing more than 1500 hours of flying, ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License) is needed to become a pilot-in-command (PIC)

DGCA Ground School Classes for CPL

These courses are mandatory to obtain Commercial Pilot License. They are conducted in our institute by experienced instructors in a manner most comfortable and convenient to students. These courses are compulsory for obtaining CPL.

The subjects covered are as below:

Air Navigation

This subject trains the process of accurately ascertaining one's position, planning, and following a route accurately to reach the preferred destination. These classes also involve directing the pilots about security measures during the journey

Aviation Meteorology

This subject covers many interrelated subjects and engineering topics. These include ground-based operations related to adverse effects of frost, ice, snow, and visibility on aircraft performance and in-flight icing and turbulence. This explores the overall difficulties that a pilot can face in the future.

Air Regulation

This subject is mandatory to clear for issuing the DGCA Commercial Pilot License. This course keeps up-to-date and explores the regulatory landscape of the Aviation Industry.

Radio Telephony

This subject aims to provide Airside Safety Operators with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to effectively apply standard radio communication procedures/phraseology and adhere to airside markings/signage following national and international standards.


General is a vast subject and one of the most challenging theory parts of Pilot Training. To simplify the learning process, we have divided it into smaller chunks – Airframes and Systems, Principles of Flight, AC, DC, and Radio Propagation.

Medical Requirements for Commercial Pilot License

Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) requires all pilots to clear Class 1 and II medical. For detailed info, go to

Class II Medical Examination

Class II medical is the first step toward a pilot’s career. It’s required for you to get an SPL (Student Pilot License) and to join a flying school.

Step 1. Visit the DGCA website and go through the list of DGCA examiners. Select the doctor who suits you best from the list, and contact and fix an appointment with them. DO NOT get your medicals done by any other doctor, or it’ll be considered invalid.

Step 2. Fill out relevant forms and get all the tests done, as instructed by your doctor. This includes Complete Tests required for the award of DGCA Class II Medical Assessment & screening for class I.

1. Blood Tests – 

    • HB TLC DLC
    • Blood Sugar F&PP
    • Hba1c
    • Liver Function Test
    • Kidney Function Test
    • Lipid Profile
    • Thyroid Profile (If Bmi >30 Or <18)

2. Urine Re Me
3. ECG Resting
4. X-ray Chest Pa View
5. USG Abdomen & Pelvis
6. Pure Tone Audiometry
7. Complete Eye Check-up
(After Dilatation) By Aviation Expert Eye Specialist


    • All Blood & Urine Tests Will Be Done At NABL-Accredited Labs Only.
    • Remaining Tests Are To Be Done At NABH-accredited or Reputed Diagnostic Centres/hospitals only.
    • Please create eGCA ID before Coming for Medical Exam.

Step 3. The doctor will approve all your reports and send them to DGCA, Delhi, for approval.

Step 4. Collect your Medical Assessment from the DGCA Medical Cell, Delhi. Once your medical documents reach DGCA, a file will be prepared in your respective name, and you will receive a file number.

Class I Medical Examination

The process is the same as that of Class II medical A class I medical certificate is required for commercial pilots. The holder of this medical certificate shall be mentally and physically fit to exercise the privileges of the applicable license safely. Once you have passed all the above tests, your doctor will issue you your certificate, valid for 12 months. The appointment needs to be taken by registration in EGCA.

Commercial Pilot Training Cost

A commercial pilot license (CPL) with Aviation Sierra Academy costs between Rs 28-70 lakh, depending on the training location of the flying school. However, it is important to note that the cost of a CPL is not just limited to the monetary expenses – it also takes into account the time and effort you put into getting your license.

Career Opportunities after Getting CPL

After completing your CPL it is mandatory for candidate to complete type rating course to get into any airline job. Here are career opportunities after the type rating;

Airline Pilot

Airline Pilot

An airline pilot is responsible for the safe and economic operation and management of aircraft carrying passengers or freight. They ensure the aircraft controls work correctly, check weather conditions, and liaise with air traffic control.

Cargo Pilot

Cargo Pilot

The demand for these pilots is evergreen and has a good pay structure. A cargo pilot is a professional aircraft operator who flies commercial planes from one location to another, carrying shipments containing such items as mail or packages from private courier services.

Charter/Air Taxi Pilot

Charter/Air Taxi Pilot

If you incline to Transport a limited number of passengers over short distances in small airplanes, then this is the job for you. Charter jet pilots, also known as commercial pilots, earn money by flying small groups of individuals over short distances in small airplanes.

Corporate or Business Aviation Pilot

Corporate or Business Aviation Pilot

Corporate pilots are commercial pilots who fly business aircraft worldwide. They typically fly airplanes smaller than airliners and work for companies or private individuals. Unlike airline pilots, corporate pilots only deal with a few passengers and are not limited to large commercial airports.

Flight Instructor

Flight Instructor

Being a certified flight instructor is a challenging and rewarding career that utilizes all you have learned during your flight training. For many people, it is the first job in aviation that earns them a pay check. Flight instructors aim to be role models in the aviation community, sharing knowledge and experience with their students.

Agricultural Pilot

Agricultural Pilot

This requires tremendous skill and precision and requires significant training. Agricultural pilots, also called A.G. Pilots, crop dusters, and aerial applicators, perform flying jobs related to the farming industry.

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End to End Support

Walk-in-a fresher and walk-out a pilot. All courses (ground and flying) and related services are provided in-person, online and hybrid.

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DGCA Ground classes, CPL, Type Rating, Airline Preparation course, ATPL etc

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Run by aviation professionals with more than 20 years of experience. Inputs from experienced pilots and instructors.

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Counselling support for all students. CCTV camera for the safety of students and monitor the quality of sessions.

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Tie-ups with flying schools in India, South Africa, Canada, USA, Complete applications services of visa, accommodation, food etc.

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Commercial Pilot Training


In India, if you wish to fly an aircraft for commercial purposes, you must obtain a Commercial Pilot License (CPL). This license is granted by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), which oversees civil aviation regulations in the country. A CPL permits you to engage in a variety of commercial aviation activities, including airline operations, air cargo transportation, aerial photography, and flight instruction.