How To Obtain DGCA Class 1 & Class 2 Medical

Navigating the process of obtaining DGCA Class I and Class II Medical Certificates is crucial for aspiring and current commercial pilots. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the necessary steps, requirements, and examinations required to obtain these certifications, ensuring your compliance with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) regulations.

DGCA Class II Medical Examination

DGCA Class II Medical Examination is a vital prerequisite for individuals aspiring to become pilots. It is the initial step towards a pilot’s career, mandatory for obtaining a Student Pilot License (SPL) and enrolling in a flying school, whether for private or commercial pilot training. Medical certificate holders must be mentally and physically fit to safely exercise license privileges.

How to obtain class 2 medical

Who Requires Class ll Medical Assessment?

Class ll Medical Assessment is required for applicants and holders of:

  • Private Pilot’s License (Aeroplane & Helicopter)
  • Student Pilot’s Licence (Microlight)
  • Student Pilot’s License (Aeroplane)
  • Student Pilot’s License (Helicopter)
  • Pilot’s Licence (Microlight)
  • Student Pilot’s Licence (Balloons)
  • Flight Radio Telephone Operator’s Licence (Restricted)
  • Flight Radio Telephone Operator’s Licence
  • Student Pilot’s Licence (Glider)

Class II Medical Assessment includes standards for:

  • Physical and mental requirements.
  • Visual requirements.
  • Hearing requirements.


Candidates must follow the guidelines in paragraphs 6.4.2, 6.4.3, and 6.4.4 of ICAO Annex 1 to obtain a Class ll Medical Assessment. Additionally, comply with the requirements outlined in the AICs (Medical) available on the DGCA website

9 Easy Steps to Obtain Class II Medical Certificate

(The candidate must be over and equivalent to 16 years of age)

1. Sign up on the eGCA website and save your login ID and password for future use.

2. Choose a DGCA-approved doctor from the list provided on the website. Contact them to schedule an appointment.

3. Undergo the required medical tests as instructed by the doctor. You have two options:

    • Perform tests at a diagnostic center: Choose a NABL/NABH-approved diagnostic center and get the tests done. Ensure that the eye and ENT doctors fill out the relevant sections of the CA35 form.
    • Visit the DGCA-approved doctor directly: Some doctors prefer conducting all the tests themselves. Consult with the doctor beforehand to determine the preferred approach.

4. Fulfill the medical requirements: The tests typically include:

    • Blood tests: Hemoglobin, TLC, DLC, lipid profile, liver function, blood sugar F&PP, etc.
    • Radiology: Chest and sinus X-rays.
    • ECG: Checking heart rhythm and potential blockages.
    • ENT examination: Assessing the condition of ears, nose, and throat.
    • Eye test: Evaluating color vision and visual acuity.
    • Urine test: Checking for normal sugar and protein levels.

5. Female candidates may need additional tests like mammography and lower abdomen ultrasound.

6. Submit your medical reports to the doctor for review and approval.

7. The doctor will send your application and reports to the DGCA for processing.

8. Wait for few weeks to receive your Class II medical assessment.

9. Access your assessment and certificate on the eGCA portal or collect it from the DGCA Medical Cell in Delhi or you can write an authorisation letter for family member to collect assesment on your behalf .

Remember to carry necessary documents like Aadhaar Card, 10th and 12th mark sheets, and a passport-sized photo during your appointment.

It's necessary to consult DGCA-approved doctors and use NABL/NABH-certified laboratories for the tests to ensure validity

Validity of Class ll Medical Certificate

The validity of the Class ll medical certificate varies based on the pilot’s license and training location:

For SPL Holders (Training in India)

● Class ll medical certificate validity: 24 months
● Class l medical certificate validity: 12 months

For PPL Holders

● Class ll medical certificate validity: 24 months

For PPL Holders (Training abroad)

● Follow PPL guidelines or Class 2 medical certificate validity
● Renewal required within two years or less
● Re-Initial Class 2 medical test with existing file number after the expiry

For Renewal of Class II Medical

For renewal, the applicant must apply 0-30 days prior to expiry of validity.
The following forms are for renewal of a medical assessment:
• Basic Details
• Medical Declaration
• View e-Application
• Medical Center Selection
• View CA-35
• View Medical Assessment

After the expiry of the Class ll medical certificate, pilots must undergo a new Re-Initial Class 2 medical test, utilizing the existing file number. Staying updated with DGCA regulations is vital to ensure compliance with the latest validity requirements.

Fees/Expenses Associated With The DGCA Class II Medical Examination

The DGCA Class 2 medical examination involves essential check-ups for pilots. It is necessary to undergo this examination once. It must be conducted by DGCA-approved doctors. The fee or expenses for the DGCA Class 2 medical can vary depending on the choice of hospital. If pilots choose to have the medical examination at an Air Force hospital, the cost is typically around INR 3000 to INR 4000. On the other hand, if they opt for approved private hospitals, the expenses are usually higher, ranging from INR 6000 to INR 8000

DGCA Class I Medical Examination:

Upon successfully completing the CLASS ll DGCA Medical Assessment from DGCA, individuals become eligible to pursue the DGCA CLASS l Medical certification. This assessment is only conducted at DGCA Medical Centers. To schedule an appointment for the DGCA Class l Medical, applicants can directly use the eGCA Portal. Having a Class l medical certificate is mandatory for commercial pilots, as it confirms their mental and physical fitness to fully utilize the privileges granted by their license

Who required Class l Medical?

The Class l Medical certification from DGCA is specifically required for pilots holding the following licenses:

  • Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL)
  • Commercial Pilot License (CPL) and
  • Flight Engineer License (F/E)

Pilots engaged in commercial air operations, ranging from instructing on light aircraft to flying for airlines, must obtain this certification. The medical standards for Class l Medical are set high due to the critical nature of their responsibilities, as they are entrusted with the safety of the traveling public. Moreover, since these pilots often fly internationally to other countries, Class l Medical is essential for their operations.

Requirement for DGCA class l medical:

  • Age requirement: Aircrew must be at least 17 years old for the DGCA Class l Medical examination.
  • Required documents: Bring copies of the last Medical Assessment, CA-35 form, two passport-size photographs, and a valid photo ID (preferably a flying license).
  • Spectacles: If wearing spectacles, carry them along with a copy of the prescription.
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC): Get NOC if there are any changes to the medical examination schedule.
  • Specialist opinions: Provide any requested specialist opinions, reports, or certificates from previous medical examinations.
  • Original investigation reports: Bring the original investigation reports as mentioned.
  • CA forms: Carry two copies of CA forms 34 & 35 for Initial/Re-initial examinations or CA forms 34A & 35 for Renewal/Review after Temporary Unfit/Special cases.
  • Fee receipt: Keep two copies of the online deposit receipt for the DGCA Medical Licensing Fee (if applicable). Use (Bharatkosh portal ) for payment and refer to the available user guide on the website.
  • Additional investigations: The examination may require specific investigations based on medical history or clinical examination. Additional tests or reports may be requested.

Note that Air Force Medical Centers may charge extra for certain investigations.

How to Obtain Class I Medical?

Class l medical assessment is necessary for a Commercial Pilot License (CPL), follow the below-cited steps to obtain it:

Step 1: Determine if it's an initial or renewal medical

  • Initial Medical - This is required when someone with a valid Class ll medical applies for a Class l Medical for the first time. It is also needed if the last Class l medical is more than two years old.
  • Renewal Medical - Class l Medical Assessments are valid for one year for individuals under 40 years in Multi-crew Commercial Air Transport Operations and six months for those above 40 years in Single crew commercial air transport operations.

Step 2: Appointment & Previous Medical Record (PMR) Forwarding

  • IAF Centres - Request an appointment in advance by contacting DGCA through email. PMR forwarding from DGCA is required.
  • Civil Centres & Class l Examiners - Contact designated centers/examiners directly for appointments. PMR forwarding isn't necessary for Class l initial medicals conducted at specific hospitals or by Class l Medical Examiners.

Step 3: PMR Status Query

  • PMR files are forwarded to IAF Centres a few weeks before the appointment date. Contact the SO Medical Cell at DGCA HQ for queries related to PMR status, assessment, corrections, or updates at the following contact numbers: 01124622500 Extension 453/526. You can also visit the office in person or authorize a representative to do so.
  • On designated public days (Wednesday and Thursday) between 1400h to 1730h, you can collect your Medical Assessment from the DGCA. For assistance in obtaining Medical Assessments, please coordinate with your respective airline representatives as they visit the Medical Date on a daily basis.
  • If you have any inquiries regarding appointment scheduling and the status of your medical appointment, please contact the provided contact number or send an email to (01124622500 Extension 526). Once you receive confirmation, you can apply for a NOC, which should be submitted along with your DGCA-issued Last Valid Medical Assessment to

Step 4: No Objection Certificate (NOC)

  • For specific cases like Re-initial, Delayed, Early, Post TU, or Special Medicals, an aircrew needs to obtain a NOC from Medical Date (DGCA, New Delhi). The NOC form is available as Annexure 'D' in the Procedure & Training Manual on the DGCA website. Complete the form and send it with the DGCA-issued last valid medical assessment to the designated email address ).

These simplified steps outline the process of obtaining a Class l medical assessment. It is crucial to carefully follow the instructions, schedule appointments beforehand, and submit the necessary documentation to ensure a smooth and successful medical assessment.

The DGCA Class l Initial Medical Examination is Conducted At The Following Eight Centers:

Indian Air Force Boarding Centers

1. IAM (Institute of Aerospace Medicine) - Bangalore, India
2. AFCME (Air Force Central Medical Establishment) - New Delhi, India
3. MEC(E) (Medical Examination Center East) - Jorhat, India
4. 11 Air Force Hospital - Hindon, India
5. Command Hospital Air Force Bangalore (CHAF'B') - Bangalore, India
6. 7 Air Force Hospital (7 AFH) –Kanpur, India

Civil Medical Centers

7. Dr. Balabhai Nanavati Hospital- Mumbai, India
8. Apollo Heart Centre- Chennai, India.
Refer to the official DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) guidelines or contact DGCA for accurate information on the designated civil hospitals for Class I Renewal Medicals.

Renewal Medical Examination Centers

The renewal medical examination for Class 1 is available at 22 Indian Air Force centers and 27 DGCA-empanelled Class 1 Medical Examiners.
Class 1 Renewal Medicals are not conducted at Class 1 Civil Medical Centres i.e Nanavati Hospital & Apollo Hospital.

How To Get An Appointment For Class l Medical?

The DGCA has introduced an online appointment service for medical examinations at Indian Air Force (IAF) Boarding Centres. Applicants can now apply for appointments through the eGCA portal on the DGCA website after paying Class 1 initial fee of INR 3000 on This service covers various categories of medical examinations. The allocation of appointment slots at the IAF Boarding Centres has been approved by the Air Headquarters, ensuring an efficient process. This initiative aims to enhance the convenience and streamline the scheduling of medical examinations for pilots and aviation professionals.

Class l Medical Requirements:

The Class l medical certificate necessitates adherence to the strictest medical criteria. To obtain a first-class medical certificate, you must undergo assessments pertaining to visual acuity, auditory capabilities, physical examination, electrocardiogram (ECG), pulmonary function, blood tests for cholesterol and hemoglobin levels, chest X-ray, urine analysis, and consideration of the certificate’s duration of validity.

To proceed, you must duly fill out the application form for the medical certificate. The examination process will encompass the following components:

  1. Family medical history: Questions about hereditary illnesses in the family.
  2. Personal medical history: Inquiries about past illnesses or medical conditions.
  3. Hearing test: Assessing the individual’s ability to perceive sound accurately.
  4. Eyesight test: Checking visual acuity with or without corrective lenses.
  5. Blood and urine tests: Analyzing blood and urine samples for overall health assessment.
  6. Blood pressure and Electrocardiogram (ECG) test: Evaluating cardiovascular health.
  7. Physical examination: Assessing general physical condition.
  8. Mental health history: Gathering information about mental well-being.
  9. Lung function test: Assessing respiratory function.
  10. Haemoglobin blood test: Checking blood hemoglobin levels.
  11. STI test and Urine test: Screening for sexually transmitted infections and assessing urine parameters.
  12. Pure Tone Audiometry test: Assessing your audible range/condition.
  13. Dilated Fundus Examination: to obtain a better view of the fundus of the eye
  14. If BMI>30, Blood Sugar F & 2 hrs after 75gm glucose

These requirements ensure that pilots and aviation professionals meet the necessary health standards to ensure safe operations in the aviation industry.

Validity of DGCA Class l Medical:

The validity of a DGCA Class l medical certificate depends on the age and type of air transport operations:

  • For individuals under 40 in multi-crew commercial air transport operations, the Class l medical certificate is valid for one year.
  • For individuals above 40 in single-crew commercial air transport operations, the Class l medical certificate is valid for six months.

NOC for Class 1 medical:

A No Objection Certificate (NOC) is a legally binding document that confirms an organization, institute, or individual’s lack of objection to the details mentioned in the record.

To obtain a NOC for a Class 1 medical examination, you can access the NOC form on the eGCA Portal. It is necessary to apply for the NOC after securing a confirmed appointment and include the Last Valid Medical Assessment issued by DGCA. The designated Class 1 Civil Medical Centres, such as Nanavati Hospital and Apollo Hospital, are authorized to issue these assessments.


No Objection Certificate (NOC) for Early/Delayed Medical Examination

  • The process for obtaining a NOC for an early or delayed medical examination is outlined in the Flight Crew Licensing Circular (FCLC).
  • In the case of a delayed medical examination beyond the validity period specified in FCL 3/2008, the NOC can be collected in person after three working days from the date of application submission at DGCA. Alternatively, if the individual does not collect the NOC in person, it will be e-mailed to them after seven days.

Duration of DGCA Class ll Medical:

The issuance of medical assessments for Class 2 Medical Examinations by the DGCA typically takes a minimum of eight (8) weeks after the relevant documents are received. The progress of the assessments can be checked on the DGCA website before visiting the Medical Cell for the issuance of Class 2 medical assessments.

Validity of Class l Medical Certificate:

For individuals under 40 years of age in multi-crew commercial air transport operations, the Class 1 Medical Certificate remains valid for one year. However, for individuals above 40 years of age in single-crew commercial air transport operations, the validity is reduced to six months.

Fee/Cost for DGCA Class l Medical:

The Class 1 medical examiner may charge reasonable fees for specialist consultations, medical tests, administrative tasks, and postage/handling. The cost is estimated to be around INR 4000 to INR 5000.

DGCA Medical Cell Contact Details:

For any further inquiries, please contact Med Dte (DGCA) at 011-24622495 Extension 453/526/312/516 or 01124610629. You can also fax your queries to 01124610629.

Please note that the provided information is subject to change, and it is recommended to verify the details with the DGCA or relevant authorities for the most up-to-date and accurate information.