Airline Preparation for CPL Holders

Airline Preparation for CPL Holders

If you are a current CPL holder with an anticipated career pilot evaluation, our group of expert trainers are prepared to assist you. We offer unrivalled airline preparation, guaranteeing that you give the absolute best form of yourself during your interview.

In this competitive era, each airline has different guidelines and rules to follow through the assessment for recruitment. By recognizing this, the cadets should be skilful enough to withstand all the evaluation standards.

For this sole reason, Aviation Sierra Academy has different modules to support you in airline preparation, which are given beneath:

-Course Revision Classes

To assist you with recollecting what you may have overlooked.

-Aptitude & Psychometric Test Training

To make you understand these subjects deeply and accurately.

-Interview Practice

Right after completing theory and practical classes, head to mock interview sessions.

Provisions by Aviation Academy

  • Documentation assistance (NIOS, Medical, Board verification,  Computer number, etc.)
  • Mock interview sessions.
  • Study materials
  • Performance monitoring and tracking system.
  • One-to-one live classes